Mr Trump the American president awards himself president of the world
Where are human values, respect for laws and countries, political and diplomatic relations?

How can trump also easily cut a part of Syria and offer it as a gift to Israel? would he accept that Russia deprives him of his California?
How can he still speak of human rights and those of peoples?
maybe Trump wanted to punish Syria and the Arabs who do not support him in his conflict with Iran

Mr Trump le president Americain s’attribue president du monde
Ou sont partis les valeurs humaines ,le respect des lois et des pays, les relations politiques et diplomatiques?
Comment trump peut il aussi facilement couper une partie de la Syrie et l’offrir en cadeau a Israel? accepterait il que la Russie le prive de sa californie?
Comment peut il encore parler de droits humains et ceux des peuples?
peut etre Trump voulait punir la Syrie et les Arabes qui ne le soutiennent pas dans son conflit avec l’Iran