Mimouni interview on the situation in Algeria

Do you think Algerian citizens will get rid of this sick king president?
No, not for the moment, because the military officers descending from the colonial army, who have become generals, have seized the resources of the pats, they have founded societies that monopolize people’s food, medicine, import and export. The departure of Bouteflika will ring the end of their privileges and why their judgments.
Why is Bouteflika inciting and clinging to an extra year in power?
It is not him, they are the others who speak and decide in his place, a year is necessary for them to export their goods to sell their companies and to integrate Western countries where they have deposited their money, like Switzerland and France.
What do you think of the Bouteflika kingdom?
a great stupidity, the one who did nothing for his country of origin should not expect from him a lot in respect of a country he was offered
What do you think of after boureflika?
He will be radiant, at least Algerian citizens will no longer queue for hours to have powdered milk and water a processed mixture in the plant of the retired general.