Disappointing, what happens to the powerful France? Its extent, its power, its size
and his overseas states can only suffer from this deep wound

Today, France is humiliated by two categories of citizens in yellow jacket:
_Young people who find that their government has begun to pluck
poor to reconcile the national treasure without worrying the rich.
_The elderly who understood that their country, despite the efforts and the
the sacrifices they endured did not even allow them to lead a decent life.
As a foreigner or a mere observer, it can not be denied that France
, a, since Sarkozy sacrificed himself for Europe as a union and
strives to “Americanize” in the eyes of nations without having the means
who kept him away from his long-suffering citizens.
As an example, I quote these thousands or tens of thousands of retirees
French whose pension does not allow them to survive in France and to have
joined Morocco. Many of these semi-secret migrants buy barracks under construction on the coast between Agadir and Aglou,
like the case of Tifnit beach where you can count more than 30 people
and foreigners who own slum barracks in Tifnit. Thousands
others vegetate in campsites because in the region of Tiznit, Essaouira, >
Goulimine, tafraoute and are visible in the weekly souks or they
store more than ridiculous quantities
<strong> Degenerate confrontations between armed police and citizens
Looted or damaged shops
broken and broken, hurt
Police have made hundreds of arrests and thousands of citizens have been searched in the street </ strong>

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