Canada is located in North America.
Political system
Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
10 provinces and 3 territories
Canada has access to 3 Oceans
the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and shares its border with America only.
10 million square kms
(2nd largest country after Russia)

36 million inhabitants
Water resource
Canada has more than 31,700 lakes and is the world’s first freshwater reserve in the world
The capital: Ottawa
Currency: the Canadian Dollar
Language: English, French
Average income: Canada has the tenth highest per capita income (2015 statistics)
The cities
Territorial, Provincial and Federal Capitals <br>
Alberta, British Columbia,
Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, New Brunswick
Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan

Flag of Canada

Canadian Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau

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map of Canada

Embassy of Canada in Morocco <br>
66, Mehdi Ben Barka Avenue, P.O. Box 2040
TELEPHONE (+212) 537 54 49 49
FAX (+212) 537 54 48 53