Cook soldiers from the colonial army have been seen to inherit the black lands from the hands of the settlers to continue serving them.

A majority of them were shed, but today other military cling to power and continue to exploit both the country and the people.
In Sudan 30 years on the chair and continues to swirl his cane and drag his stomach refusing the departure that asks the people:
In Algeria the people were right after two months of protests of Bouteflika who finally left the palace but implements his fellow which forces the Algerians to continue the fight.
Egypt, this people of more than 80 million inhabitants, born from the fighter of the pharaohs has never been able to enjoy the independence of the military and continues to lead life as barracks.
Captain Haftar, former prisoner of the Chadian army and returned to Libya to take revenge on the people. He distributes ranks to his sons, and millions of dollars to recruit and mentor militias that are gradually taking over the whole country