This is why America has deflated against Iran

Iran sells and exports Iranian fabricayion weapons to more than 56 countries
The Minister of Defense, guardian of the Iranian military industry, organizes this military industry as follows:

Electronic Division:
electronic warfare, communication, radars, satellites, various modules
Arms and Military Equipment Division:
Bommbes, rockets, rifles, tanks, armored vehicles
Aerospace Division:
Guided and autonomous missile systems
Aviation Division:
drones, helicopters, planes ,.
Marine Division:
hovercrafts, submarines, ships,
The arms industry in Iran started in the 1970s with the collaboration between
Shah of Iran and Israel, after the Islamic Revolution in 1979 it is the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps that took over.
As early as 1992, Iran had a real arsenal of locally manufactured missiles, tanks, armored vehicles, a submarine and a fighter plane.
IN Z012, following the announcements of Iranian generals and foreign media Iran has ayyeint self-sufficiency in the field of weapons and defense